At Fake It Training Academy we hold a number of professional beauty course weather you are a beginner wanting to start a new career or you are already in the industry wanting to offer more services to your clients, all our course are accredited by the guild of beauty therapist, this allows you to gain insurance and start working on your business.

We have training centers in Crawley, Essex, Hastings and Bedfordshire all out trainers are highly qualified to ensure you receive professional training and leave our courses feeling confident in your new career.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions 
£199.00 including kit

Training only £120.00

Duration 1 Day,
The course consists of theory and practical
Theory - Physiology of the hair, Safety & sanitization, Consultation procedure, Application procedure step by step, Maintenance, Aftercare, frequently asked questions.

Practical – You will work on each other to Practice the art of applying eyelash extensions.

Lash & Brow £90.00

Duration 3.5 hours
Course consist of Eyebrow tinting, eyebrow tinting & eyebrow shaping using wax and tweezers.
Theory – physiology of the hair, growth patterns, contra-indications, health and safety, consultation and patch testing, aftercare, equipment, step by step.
Practical – work on each other and a model to complete an eyebrow tint, eyelash tint and how to shape the eyebrow using warm wax and tweezers.

Beginners nail extension course acrylic or gel £249.00

Duration 2 Days
Days 1 & 2 working on each other or a model

Kit not included (but we will advise you on what you need and the best places to get it from)
Courses consist of, Anatomy & physiology, Diseases & disorders, Safety & sanitization, Application procedure, Step by step, Maintenance, Removals, Possible reactions, Trouble shooting, frequently asked questions.
Practical – you will work on each other, you will cover nail prep, tip application, pink and white acrylic or gel, gel polish overly, maintenance and removals.

Conversion acrylic or gel £95.00

Duration 1 Day
Model required
To be able to attend an acrylic or gel conversion course you must already be training in one of the systems.
The course consists of, Anatomy & Physiology, Diseases and disorders, Safety and sanitization, Consultation procedure, Step by step procedure, Maintenance & removals, Coloured gels or acrylics

Gel polish £125.00

Duration half day
Duration half day
Theory - consists of, Anatomy and physiology, safety and sanitization, Consultation procedure, Step by step, Maintenance & Removals.
Practical- working on each other or a model to complete a gel polish, you will remove two nails and reapply, French will also be covered in the course.
Manicure and pedicure
Combined   £95.00     Full day
Manicure     £50.00     Half day
Pedicure     £50.00      Half day

Model required (if you are the only one on the course)
Courses consists of, Anatomy & physiology, Diseases & disorders, Safety & sanitization, Consultation procedure, Step by step, Massage movements, Paraffin wax, Polish application colour, Polish application French.

Anatomy and physiology £199.00 + Vat

Duration 6 months
An online course to complete in your own time.